QuasiSkunk (quasiskunk) wrote in active_furs,

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Damn That Rabbit!

So he makes me join another Furry Group....Fine..I can do this too.:)

I'm Quasi; I play softball (at least until my body completely falls apart that is), both in a league and in Chicago, with many of the Chicago Furs (once a month games -- email me if you wanna know more). I also play table tennis, Mini Golf, ride a bike, mow the yard (Hey that's outside!). Anything to keep me from cleaning the house, I'll do!
And just like Reah said, I love to go camping too; I'm helping set up the Annual Furry Campout in Missouri again (June 18-20), so I will be there with air fresheners on! And if there are any, I'll go Geocache hunting there too; I like searching for them in places away from here.
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