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Bought my first GPS

I've been reading about Geo caching. I used to be a lot more active hiker and camper. In the last several years I've got away from it. And since my work requires alot of traveling I've been thinking about getting back into hiking again. Which means I now have to replace my hiking equipment. Any suggestions on where to look for a equipment online?

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Hi all!

Finaly got an LJ, didn't want to for a long time but hey, what're you gonna do. Anyways, nice to see ska is alive and well. Talk to yall later!
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(no subject)

I am pro nature and pro physical activity... but I love my computer and sort of dislike the rays of the sun. I love the heat of the sun, and the light, but cringe at what it might do to my skin. I don't want a tan or a burn or skin cancer...
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Its not dead

Spring is upon us and the weather is right to get out from behind your artifical sun that is your computer screen and enjoy all that mother nature has to give.....and get a pretty good tan!

What do you plan on doing this spring (and summer) to get exercise and provent your muscles (and mind) from turning into jelly? Perhaps a group event could be started here.

I have asked this question before but again with gas prices so high, would you be willing to ride your bicycle (if you have one) to work? or not drive as far and walk a bit more to your office?
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Welcome new members

Hello to all the new furs since Ive last checked.

I have a query for you all....

If autos were outlawed and your only mode of transport to and from work was a bicycle, how far yould you be willing to peddle and why?
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Camping Tips and Upcoming Trips

Hey, everybody! *paw-waves*

Nest week, arrjaysketch and I are going camping in Peninsula State Park in Door County, WI, for a few days. It'll be his second time camping, and I'm a life-long camper. However, I still learn new stuff every time I go. We're definitely looking forward to it. :)

Since this community has been so quiet and now camping season is upon us, let's get some conversation going! Who's got camping planned for this year? What stuff do you like to bring on trips? What's your favorite camp food?


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Howdy - thanks to rcfoot for creating the community. I get around a lot and I try and organize gatherings for the local kcfur community. While I don't get out to do sports and such as much as I'd like too, I'm always interested in going geocaching and and playing air hockey. But those of you know me have seen me really enjoy myself at the City Museum - where an adult can be a kid. ;)
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I just updated the group interests on the info page to reflect what everyone is into.

Reah, I still have to talk to Ryngs about some crash space, but Ill most likely be down next weekend (the first weekend of my spring break, YAY) I remember you talking about geocaching with actual maps or somthing, I would like to try that if you have the time.
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