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Fun furry things

Well, one thing we furs in Fayetteville do on ocassion is caving. Caving is great fun, but not for the faint of heart or the thick of belly. *grin*

Another thing we've been discussing is a weekend long camping/canoeing trip this summer on the Buffalo River. Some of us have been discussing the basics of such an outing and it's garnered much favorable response. If the first one goes well, we'll probably do so more frequently.

When spring rolls around, several of the local furs go mini-golfing on a regular basis. It's great fun when a handful of us just show and take over the course.

I, for one, think we should also have picnics every now and then. Of course, now that I'll be working EVERY weekend, I won't get to attend unless much advance notice is given. *sigh*
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